Below is an actual example of an eMINDSET sent from the Brain Organizer® app for the IPhone and iTouch.
The "Brain Organizer" eMINDSET provides a fast way to see your whole project in one snapshot. Get the big picture fast.

• Share any project idea with anyone instantly. Simply tap on the email button in projects or project categories
• eMINDSETs can be received and utilized by anyone with email access. No iPhone or iTouch required to receive them
• eMINDSETs can be edited right in your iPhone before you send.
* Anyone receiving an eMINDSET can copy or paste the raw data content into any word processor or spread sheet. Great for colleagues, writers, planners, students and team workers.

TIP: Try sending yourself an eMINDSET and printing it out in color from your email.

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